Vision and Path


To honour the sacredness of all life on Earth, by working and gardening together to nourish the web of life while producing fresh, local biodynamic and organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

How to work towards fulfilling the vision

  • Honour the land and the people and listen to what wants to emerge
  • Connecting to the land with the attitude of co-creation with nature, in meditation and with seasonal celebrations
  • A market garden at the heart of the project producing local fresh, vegetables, fruits, herbs and seeds
  • Using biodynamic, organic and permaculture methods to improve vitality of soil, plants and animals
  • Growing a community orchard and forest garden where we work collectively, sharing skills and harvest
  • Creating a place for people to meet – individuals or small workshop groups –providing opportunities to connect with nature, experience hands on growing, facilitate healing and joyfully be creative
  • Networking and working together with businesses and community locally
  • Offering organic garden maintenance and design services

Values of the project – outline Dec 2020
To formulate the values of a project, gives direction and helps with decision making. It’s a continuous process.
The Mandala garden Project values;
• Living nature and the land as a first reference point
• Practical spirituality as part of everyday life, inspired by mindfulness, Buddhism, principles of the Findhorn Community, Anthroposophy and other complementary spiritual paths
• Co- creating together, with seen and unseen realms of life, a sacred place which radiates out beauty and peace and expresses care for our planet
• Working with the attitude of caring for every living being on the land in every aspect of the project
• Manifesting diversity, resilience, respect and love on all levels
• Living and manifesting the philosophy of an ‘abundant world view’
• Applying and sharing practical, hands on skills
• Running the project with the aim to create a stable, good business , with returns going back into the project
• Guardianship of the house and land
• The team of people running the project will wholeheartedly align with it’s values and vision, enabling the project to thrive as a whole, for the greater good